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CERAWOOL (Ceramic Blanket)

We Supply & Apply “Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd.” Which Pioneered The Manufacture And Marketing Of Ceramic Fibre Products Within And Outside India Since 1984. MMTCL Is Joint Venture Company Between Thermal Ceramics Division Of Morgan Crucible Co. PIc., U. K And Carborundum Universal Ltd. Of Murugappa Group, India MMTCL Is The First And Only Company In India With Both Blown & Spun Technology To Manufacture Ceramic Fibre Products With The Largest Capacity.

General Characteristics:

* High Temperature Stability
* Low Thermal Conductivity
* High Tensile Strength
* Resistance To Thermal Shock & Chemical Attack
* Good Sound Absorption

Typical Applications:

• Furnace, Kiln, Reformer And Boiler Linings

• Investment Casting Mold Wrappings

• Removable Insulating Blankets For Stress Relieving Welds

• Reusable Insulation For Steam And Gas Turbines

• Flexible High-temperature Pipe Insulation

• Pressure And Cryogenic Vessel Fire Protection

• High-temperature Kiln And Furnace Insulation

• Furnace Door Linings And Seals

• Soaking Pit Seals

• Furnace Repairs

• Thermal Reactor Insulation

• Expansion Joint Seals

• Primary Reformer Header Insulation

• High-temperature Gasketing

• Glass Furnace Crown Insulation

• Incineration Equipment And Stack Linings

• Annealing Cover Seals

• High-temperature Filtration

• Nuclear Insulation Applications

• Atmosphere Furnace Lining

• Field Steam Generator Lining