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Price : Rs. 200
Fevicol AC Duct King Optima Is A Synthetic Rubber Based, Low VOC Product Specially Developed For Various.It Is An Excellent Adhesive To Bond Nitrile Rubber To Galvanized Iron Or Aluminum Duct Surface.

Recommended Application Area:

  • AC Ducting - To Bond Nitrile Rubber To Duct Surface
  • Chilled Water Piping - To Bond Nitrile Rubber To MS Pipe Lines


  • Low VOC Product Which Improves The IAQ
  • No Added Benzene Formulation, Ensures That The Product Is Harmless, Safe To Use & Handle
  • Mild Smell Of The Product Does Not Cause Any Irritation To The Occupants / Applicators And Excellent For Low
  • Excellent Spread And Ease Of Application
  • Fast Drying And Strong Bonding – Very Strong Bonding Ensuring Zero Reworking Costs
  • Low Application Cost – Keeps The Costs Under Control

Recommended Method Of Application:

  • Clean The Substrates To Be Bonded So That They Are Free From Dust/Rust/Oil/Moisture
  • Stir The Adhesive Well Before Use To Have A Homogeneous Material Prior To Application
  • Apply Fevicol AC Duct King Optima On Both The Substrates Uniformly By Brush / Spreader. First On Non Porous
  • Once The Adhesive Becomes Touch Dry (when Tack Is Developed), Press Both The Substrates Together Ensuring
  • Cure For 24 Hrs At Ambient Temperature